*universal sagittarius hand motion and whoop* ha h a go team


i’ll have you know that god is a 14-year-old lesbian japanese girl with pink hair

at the end of it all

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i dont know if its been done before but it will not stop me from drawing sailor janes


remember the days where all i did was draw bro strider


reblog for communism. like for skeletons playing sweet guitar solos. ignore for heterosexuality



AHAHA i had so much fun with this ;;_;;\ i’m embarrassed about how much i enjoyed doing this…
messing w/ original/final frozen designs with chubby!anna (who i’ve seen on here before i think??), elsa with more of her fathers/angular features, and idk what i was doing w/ kristoff but he turned out cute so \m/

ohhhh this is good, this is really good


parents act like the computer is literally the worst thing you can spend you life doing and then they go and tell you their crazy teenage stories about how they partied and did drugs and shit but oh GOD FORBID their child ENJOY TALKING TO ENJOYABLE PEOPLE on the fucking internet this is SOOOO MUCH WORSE THAN DRUGS fuck this shit its fucking stupid


when people complain that a woman’s bra is showing





This is literally the most excitement we’ve had in months.

Omg you are right the homestucks are having fun!!! 4chan is bad at this

when tumblr is shambles, the homestucks alone will remain

this is honestly the worst scenario 4chan could have ever hoped for